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    Nail Wrap in a Rush

    It was 11pm and I was half asleep but I needed to do my nails as I wanted to have something on it for dinner night out the next day. So, I decided to use some nail wrap to quicken up the process.

    Took out the nail wrap that Cho used before, the floral ones. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s kind of hard to get these right on my fingers. I got quite a few bubbles on my first finger. It got a bit better later for my other fingers. I thin I need to practice a few more times to get it right. As for the polka dots, I have lost my dotting tool. So, I just used the back of my nail art brush.

    While I was waiting for my nails to dry, I felt asleep!!!! Hence, the little lines and marks on my nails.

    Oh well, I’ll just wash it off in a couple days and do a new one.


    1. Those flowers are so beautiful!

      1. you should try ordering these online.
        there is www.aliexpress.com
        they sell it dirt cheap there


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