Calamari Checked!

After a long day of work, we decided to head to the nearest place for food.  So, we went to White Spot.  Saw that they have calamari and ordered it so I can check it off my list.  To be honest, they aren't good.  They have no flavor at all.  If you close your eyes when eating it, you won't know you are eating calamari.  On the bright side, it's fried just right.  Not hard or too crunchy.  Soft and moist in the inside.  Other than the texture, I can't compliment on anything else.

We also ordered a poutine!  I love poutine!  Looks pretty ok, but the fries weren't crunchy enough.  It wasn't hot enough.

If we weren't so hungry and tired at the moment, I would not choose to eat at White Spot.  Not very good at all~

With that done, calamari is off the list~

White Spot is at point T in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

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Calamari Checked! Calamari Checked! Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Thursday, July 04, 2013 Rating: 5

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