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    Donair King

    Who likes donair?
    I do I do!!!!
    I love how the aroma can fill the street~ The smell stays on your hand all day long even after you have wash your hands many times.  So, for those that don't like donair, don't touch it.

    We ordered a beef plate and lamb wrap.  Look at all those meat! Yummy!
    I really like how they double wrap the donair, so it won't be a mess when you eat it.  The lettuce won't go all over the place.

    I don't like donair with watery veggies.  Hate the dripping water from any wraps.  It just feels disgusting.  Here they don't have that problem.

    The portion is huge! I couldn't finish half of it.  I wish they have more of these kinds of food in Hong Kong~  Who ever said Hong Kong is heaven of good food is a liar.  I seriously don't find much delicious food in Hong Kong.  However, there are tons of yummy stuff in Vancouver.

    Donair King is at point Z in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.


    Donair King on Urbanspoon


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