Greasy, meaty, juicy! Fatburger!  I feel like I am slowly killing myself with all these yummy greasy food!

Order the nacho poutine and the Ultimate Backyard BBQ Bacon Burger.  
For the nacho poutine, the chilli sauce and the fries are at a 1:1 ratio! Cheap shops in Hong Kong would never do that.  The poutine is loaded with cheese!  I love cheese!

There's bacon, onion rings and bbq sauce in the burger.  Yummy!  Felt so guilty after eating it.
I was super full and I only ate half of it.  I was so thirsty and went to 7-11 and got the LARGE slurpee! I love giant food!  Don't worry, although I can never finish the food, I don't waste them.  I share it with Cho or save it for my next meal.  So, I had the slurpee for 2 days in my fridge...

I really like giant version food.  Love how the slurpee is the size of my head.

Yay!  No. 9 off the list!

Fatburger at point W in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

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