Panago Pizza

I love pizza.  One of my favorite chain store pizza place is Panago.
Here I ordered the Philly Steak pizza in a peronalize size.  That's around 8 inches.  I like how it's tiny~  So, I don't have to stuff myself.  I like this particular shop as you can eat it.  Pizza fresh out of the oven tastes so much better than when it is delivered.  This place is at 120 - 11780 Thorpe Rd Richmond, BC.

Waiting for my pizza~

My mini pizza going into the oven~

Looking delicious!  It tastes just as great as it looks!!!!

Pizza Hut is probably the most popular pizza place in Hong Kong.  However, they sell the weirdest and most disgusting pizza from time to time.  They always come up with seasonal pizzas that they serve for a limited time.  Sometimes their toppings are quite disgusting.  I find hotpot ingredient on my pizza (fishballs)....Fishball and pizza....they just don't match.  The presentation is also awful.  Too bad I don't have a picture of that with me.  So yah, anyways, I hope there will be other pizza chains stores in Hong Kong that makes good pizzas.

Panago Pizza is at point a in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.


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