LG PD233 PoPo Portable Photo Printer

LG PD233 PoPo Portable Photo Printer 
I love taking pictures.  I take pictures of everything.  I am not saying I am a professional camera man.  I am more like the camera whore type.  I used to take hundreds of selfies each day.  I never print them though, because it would be too expensive if I were to print everyday and those pictures are just random meaningless pictures.  It would be too much hassle to just go to a printing shop and print out just 1 picture.  So, I usually just store my pictures in DVD's or external drive.  Over the years, I start to lose interest in taking pictures as I basically store them away and never see them again.  Seems pointless to take pictures as I won't see them again.

Then there are these polaroid cameras.  They are cool.  They would immediately print out the picture after you take them, BUT you can never take a perfect picture of yourself as you aren't really sure if the angle is right or if you are actually in the picture. You can end up wasting the picture and those photo paper or whatever you call it aren't very cheap.

I saw this LG pd233 portable photo printer and immediately fell in love with it.  It's like a Polaroid Camera and a photo printer in 1.  Like a Polaroid camera, you can get a photo printed right after you take them and in the middle of nowhere.   Similar to a regular photo printer, you get to choose which picture to print amongst your 1000 selfies.  You can adjust the colors, the frames and all before you print to avoid wasting the photo paper.

I contemplated whether to buy this LG pd233 or the Canon Selphy CP900.  I was worried the quality of the LG would be back as it's so small, like a toy.  I looked through the spec of LG pd233 and find it similar to Selphy CP900 and LG pd233 is PORTABLE!!!!  At the end, I chose to get the LG pd233.  I can always print photos on the office printer.  So, there really isn't a need to get photo printer if it's wired.

The LG pd233 is about the size of my palm~

LG PD233 PoPo Portable Photo Printer

LG PD233 PoPo Portable Photo Printer

LG PD233 PoPo Portable Photo Printer

These are what came in the box. A pack of user manual that no one ever reads, an adaptor, a cable, a pack of zink photo paper and the printer!

LG PD233 PoPo Portable Photo Printer

Look that the printer, it has these little hearts on it.  Absolutely cute!

LG PD233 PoPo Portable Photo Printer

I got pink! Pretty!

I printed out a few pictures.  I can't say they are as great as the pictures you print from the professionals, but they are good enough.  I find that the pictures printed from this is a little on the red side.  So, I would adjust the color/contrast of the picture before printing them out.

I like how this printer doesn't need any ink to print.  The photo paper used is specially designed.  Basically the color is already in the paper.  

Wanted to show some samples of the printed photos, but too lazy...

I think this would make a great gift~  

LG PD233 PoPo Portable Photo Printer LG PD233 PoPo Portable Photo Printer Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, November 17, 2013 Rating: 5

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