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  • Royal Turquoise Nail Art

    Royal Turquoise Nail Art

    A continuation from my last post. How could I ever leave my nails simple with one color?  That wouldn't be me. If my nails are plain with just one color, you can call the FBI as that is probably an alien impersonating me.

    Royal Turquoise Nail Art

    I added a much of deco that I got before but rarely use.  Why do I always get a bunch of deco and don't use them? Well, if you aren't filthy rich with a personal hair stylist washing your hair everyday, then you should probably know why. It's frustrating to wash your hair when your long hair get caught on the crevices of your tiny nail deco. You have to be careful when washing your hair. If not, you will just pull all the hard work off your nails. 

    Royal Turquoise Nail Art

    Don't you just love the heart shaped pearls? And the cameo? And the white rose? And me? ...okok, I know you probably don't love me...you at least like this design?  This manicure reminds me of things in a palace. Something a princess would have. 

    Royal Turquoise Nail Art

    Hope this manicure can last at least 5 days.  



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