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    Saem Ardent Lady - AJ07 Real Mint Swatch

    Saem AJ07 Ardent Lady Swatch

    The Korean heat is on and there are more and more Korean cosmetic shops opening everywhere. I love these Korean cosmetics. They are cheap and colorful.

    I have been obsessed with turquoise lately. Saw this turquoise nail polish at Saem and just had to get it. The sales lady said their nail polishes are 3-free. Free from the 3 harmful chemicals that can cause cancer. I can't remember the name if the 3 chemicals at the moment. You can just google it if you want to know. Anyways, I can't read Korean, so I am not sure if it's really 3 free. 

    Saem AJ07 Ardent Lady Swatch

    The name of this polish is in Korean, so I can't read it. The number is AJ07. Searched online and the English name for the color should be Real Mint.  Ardent Lady is the name of the line.

    The polish comes with a thick round brush. Great for smooth and even application. The consistency of the polish is quite thick/creamy. The color is very pigmented/opaque. I love this color! I love how easy it is to get a smooth even look. 

    Here it is with one coat. 

    Saem AJ07 Ardent Lady Swatch

    Here it is with two coats.

    Saem AJ07 Ardent Lady Swatch

    2 coats are all you need for the perfect look. 

    Now I want to get all the colors they have in Saem. 



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