Anti-Valentine's Day Nail Art (Born Pretty Store Review)

Anti-Valentine's Day Nail Art (Born Pretty Store Review)
What's your plan on Valentine's Day this year?  Stay home and scroll through Facebook to look at all the posts of your friends with their other halves on their sweet dates?  Sulk while you look through their statuses of how romantic their dinners are? Count the number of friends that got 99 roses?  Don't you just hate it when people keep on spamming your wall about what a great day  they are having?

It's just not a great day on Valentine's Day for those that are single.

Here's an anti-Valentine's Day nail art for you.  No kisses or hearts....Well, there is 1 heart candy that says, "I H8 U".  It's filled with spikes and studs, totally not fuzzy and cuddly like my last Valentine's Day nail art.

Anti-Valentine's Day Nail Art (Born Pretty Store Review)

A little side note. The spiky studs are 2.5mm*2mm.  I got them from Born Pretty Store for a review.  I got gold and silver ones.  Here, I am using the ones in silver~  

You can purchase this product here:
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to save even more!

What I like abut these studs is that they aren't too big, so they won't get caught easily, hence making your design last a big longer~
Born Pretty store does world wide free shipping for all their products~

The other rhinestones I used on my ring finger can be found here:

Anti-Valentine's Day Nail Art (Born Pretty Store Review) Anti-Valentine's Day Nail Art (Born Pretty Store Review) Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Friday, February 07, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. Such a cool design!
    I am not single but I hate Valentin's Day too :)

  2. I love this! The colors are so perfect too! I totally agree- I know that all I'll read on Valentine's day is how perfect everyone's day is going, while I sit at home watching Netflix. haha.

    1. Really don't know why people make such a big deal out of Valentines day..... my day is very much go home, have dinner, TV (while doing my nails maybe), then sleep...... which I enjoy very much :)



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