Sponsored Post: Hair Mistakes We All Make – But We Should Stop It

We all believe that we know our hair better than anybody else, after all we’ve been living with it day in, day out for most in our lives. We have been damaging our hair without even knowing that we’re doing it, as outlined by top hair stylists however. These are some of the mistakes we need to stop making about our hair.

• Using hair color at home gets a big, fat zero from professional hairstylists. Although there is some truth in the fact that lots of the products are like those in the hair stylists’ salon it’s not just about what’s from the color but how you do it. Many women don’t even choose the color which will best boost their skin tone finding yourself with extremely dark hair making the facial skin look pallid and gaunt. A professional colorist are able to advise you in the best color for your complexion.

• Trimming your own fringes or bangs - a lot of women try it nevertheless it generally just doesn’t work out well. When you cut your own bang it generally eventually ends up far shorter than you intended or far too wide giving you the “school girl” look. For a start off you need to cut hair not and vertically horizontally . . . did you know that?

• Dry shampoos can work well instead of shampooing your hair every and each and every day which strips the sebum in the hair and encourages the body to just make more. In the event you really can’t bear not to wash hair then try one of the many brands of dry powder shampoos on the market, a few of them work remarkably well.

• Using hot hair styling tools whilst the hair remains damp. There are several fabulous hair styling tools available at <a href="http://thesalonoutlet.com">thesalonoutlet.com</a> but it’s really important to make sure that your hair is completely dry before you use them, otherwise you might cause serious problems for your hair. Hair styling like curling tongs, flat and wands irons should just be used on 100% dry hair.

• Pulling impatiently at tangles and knots is another mistake which a lot of women make while they are in a hurry. Let it rest for a few minutes then gently comb having a wide toothed comb should your hair is tangled you need to smooth just a little conditioner to the knot with the fingers. When you don’t try this you can tear your tip and hair the shaft - not good!

• Slapping on a lot of conditioner on your own scalp - it’s merely the ends of your hair which can benefit from conditioner. If you put too much to your entire head it can lead to the buildup of a tacky film.

• Making use of your hair dryer too near to your hair - yep, that burning smell is your hair. Don’t just hold the hair dryer in close proximity to your head until your scalp is scorched, keep it with a safe distance and move the dryer around for pain free, damage free drying.

• The rubber band habit - we’ve all done it despite the fact that we know we really shouldn’t. If you can’t find a ponytail holder don’t think that a rubber band will complete the task because there may be damage and splits to your hair. It’s also not a good idea to use a very tight ponytail within the same position day in, day out . . . variety is the spice of life.

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  1. Great tips, I enjoyed reading your post.
    I am coloring my hair by myself,. but I always talk first with my hair stylist if I make a big change!


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