Thai Food @ Amporn Thaifood

Maybe I have a dirty mind but the name of the place makes me think of something else.

It's been months since I went out with some of my friends. So, I just can't turn them down this time for dinner. Hence my effort to go on diet went down the drain....AGAIN!

This time we went to Kowlook City for dinner!  The place filled with Thai restaurants. I rarely go to this area for food though because there isn't a MTR station at a walking distance.  To get there, I went to Kowloon Station and took a minibus 25M at the minibus station inside Festival Walk.  Too much hassle to go to Kowloon City on a regular basis.

One of my friends suggested this place which is in the building with a wet market. The wet market is on ground level and the eating area is on the third floor. The downside is that you have to pass through the stinky wet market. The upside is there is air condition in the dining area. 

We ordered this Thai soup. I don't really like the color of it. So I didn't have any. 

I love this dish. It's salad with grilled salad. Very spicy and refreshing. 

Chicken feet! Another one of my favorite Thai dish. 

This is lettuce wrap with spicy minced pork. We asked for super mild but it turns our to be burning hot.  I can't imagines  what normal spicyness be like. 

Stir fry noodle. Yummy. 

Love satay! Ordered beef and chicken. 

Then there's the platter!

Pineapple and chicken wings. Sounds like a weird combo? It's actually good. 

Seems like we ordered a lot of meat. So here is a dish of veggie~

Honestly, I think the Thaifood restaurants outside of the wet market are much more tastier and much more authentic.  However, this place is pretty good too~

Address: 100 Nga Tsin Wai Rd

Amporn Thaifood at point M in "Places Part 1" on the map.

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