A'pieu Take My Hand Nail Paraffin Pack Review

I bought this as part of my absolutely crazy even for me nail haul in Korea. Things are just too interesting and package is just too pretty to resist in Korea, not the mention the great prices!!!!! But I came across this Nail Paraffin Pack and thought it was quite interested. It is basically a nail wax mask. You would dip your nails into the melted was and let it sit for about 15 mins then peel it off, then your cuticles would be super soft and supple. 

This is what my nails looked like while the wax was still on my nails. It is an odd feeling because I had the urge to touch everything and move around, but I just kept getting wax and oil all over everything, a little frustrating. 

This is the finished result. It would say it is pretty good! I didn't trim or fix or do anything to my cuticles before hand, and as most of you who follow my blog know, my cuticles are awful... but with one treatment I think the results are pretty amazing!

Here is the more detailed instructions for those of you who can read Korean. For those you who can't, here it is also in English, my understanding of it at least.

  • Fill cup with hot water 80-90 degrees up to the purple / blue dot sticker. The temperature will make the sticker turn to a pink color, this means the temperature is right and the wax is melting

  • Wait for the sticker to start turning back to a slightly pinky purple color, meaning the water has started to cool down, then dip your finger in, (DO NO PUT YOUR FINGERS INTO THE ALMOST BOILING HOT WATER LIKE I DID. IT WILL HURT. TRY TO BE PATIENT AND JUST LET THE WATER COOL DOWN)
  • Let the wax sit on your finger tips for 10-15mins then remove
  • Once the water is completely cooled down, you can pour out the water and the remaining wax can be used again. 

By Cho 
A'pieu Take My Hand Nail Paraffin Pack Review A'pieu Take My Hand Nail Paraffin Pack Review Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, June 23, 2014 Rating: 5

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  1. Interesting and useful product. I am glad that it helped your nails!


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