Beach Fruit Cocktail Nails

I really like these and I was so excited when I was doing these nails. 
I know I have done a similar design in the past if not almost the same, but that was years ago and it was one of the first posts I did. My camera was horrible then so it couldn't do it justice. 
The color of my striped tips reminds me of beach balls and beach umbrellas, hence the name. 

Although this may look like a very complicated design it was actually quite simple. 
What I love about the  stripes I have done is that they are all difference and random, because that no one will know if the stripe is not even. 

I always admire those really neat even patterned designs with the perfect straight lines all centered and just looks so clean. But I know I can't do that since my hands aren't that steady so rather than trying and making myself extremely frustrated when it doesn't go well, I will just do something completely random so that people can't tell if I did a mistake :)

The fruits were also easy to put on with my handy pick up pen :) The whole design took me about 30 mins including dry time :)

Beach Fruit Cocktail Nails Beach Fruit Cocktail Nails Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Friday, June 13, 2014 Rating: 5


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