Fish Shack: a Buck a Shuck

Oh how I miss the days when I could enjoy the wonders of "a buck a shuck" oysters. Many of the places that I have visited in the past that has this promotion usually gives the larger medium size oysters that I don't quite like as part of their deal. But at the Fish Shack they server the oysters which is closer to the smaller end.
I generally like eating smaller sized fresh oysters because they are less gooey and does not have as much of the fish smell. So the oysters at Fish Shack serviced this purpose. I think two of my friends and I ended up ordering 4 dozen oysters, we are pretty crazy. 
Both of my friends kept on wow-ing about the clam chowder saying I must try it. I think what made it special was the bread bowl, but the taste was just normal.... nothing special to me at least.
I will definitely come back to this place to try other things, since I didn't get a chance to try any entre, oyster deal was just too good to miss.

Fish Shack is at point l in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

Fish Shack: a Buck a Shuck Fish Shack: a Buck a Shuck Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, June 16, 2014 Rating: 5

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