Day 4 Seoul Korea

Palace Tour --> Namdaemun --> Lotte Duty Free --> Dinner

I went to Gyeongbokgung by myself as my friends have no interest in going. I didn't think it's a big deal to go on my own. However, when I got there, I felt like a loner. Everywhere I look, people are taking pictures with their friends and family. I am the only one taking pictures of myself. So sad!!!!  Nonetheless, I pay my 3000 won to get inside to look at what the palace is like. I have been seeing this place a lot in TV dramas. So, I couldn't wait to check out the place myself!

Took the subway to Gyeongbokgung station and took exit #5.

The place is huge! It seems like I can walk all day in there. It's around noon time and the sun was getting hotter and hotter. I again was getting very dizzy and needed to leave. Just when I was about to leave, it's the changing guard ceremony. It was a Sunday when I went.  I am not sure if the ceremony happens daily or only on Sunday. I guess I am quite lucky to be feeling dizzy at that moment. If not, I wouldn't have went back to the entrance where the ceremony took place. 

So then I took the subway to Namdaemun which is just one stop from Myeongdong where my hotel is. Namdaemun is a traditional market with lots of random stuff. It reminds me of the women's market in Hong Kong, but Namdaemun is way bigger and sells a wider variety of products. There are some little food stalls here and there.

Then my friends and I went to the Lotte Duty Free Main Store in Myeongdong. OMG! I love hate this place. I felt like I was in Shenzhen!  The place was loaded with mainlanders. Not that I discriminate them, but they really are very loud and rude and like to push! I didn't buy anything there. I didn't want to be pushed arounnd at the counters. Only my friends were brave enough to push themselves into the crowd to load up on makeup and skincare. They are true warriors!

As I didn't buy anything in Lotte Duty Free store, I went back to Myeongdong to shop. Got myself some makeup and skincare products. Then a friend took us to Shinchon for dinner. I have no idea where in Shinchon it was nor do I know the name of the restaurant.  She brought us to a Korean restaurant that doesn't have any English menu or picture... If she wasn't there with us, we wouldn't be able to order anything.

This is pot hot egg~ Looks as good as it tastes.

Unknown seafood~ tastes good.

 Unknown shell sea food, taste good, but super spicy

My favorite part of the dinner.  King crab I assume....taste great.

Dinner was about 40,000 won per person.  Quite expensive compared to our other meals.  I think it's because of the crab though.  

Gyeongbokgung Palace at point O
Namdaemun Market at point P
Lotte Duty Free Main Store at point Q

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