Day 3 Seoul Korea

Noodle breakfast at 명동함흥면옥 --> Edae --> Gwangjang Market --> Han River --> Clubbing @ Gangnam

Had cold noodle at Myeongdong for breakfast at 명동함흥면옥 (咸興麵屋)! I was hungry and thought I could easily finish a bowl of noodle myself. However, I only finish half of it. I like the chewy potato noodle. Love the spice and sauce~

There are 4 types of noodle on the menu.  I ordered the one on the top left.

These dumplings were huge!  I like them!  I can't really tell whether it's meat or veggie in the dumplings there.  The fillings was too mushed up. Nonetheless, it tasted good and that's all I cared about.

I then headed to Edae. Edae is where the women university is and around the university is a large area with lots of shop.  Lots of GIRL'S CLOTHING SHOP.  Or just a lot of shops targeting girls in general.  It was super hot that day. I felt like I was fainting from the heat! The clothes are cheap but most of them have no size. I am pretty I didn't buy any clothing here. Quite disappointed about that. I did end up finding a store that sells various brands of makeup and skincare. I got some Sulloc dieting tea/water (hope it'll help me lose weight) and the constantly out of stock IOPE lipstick #44.

Take exit #2 when you reach Ewha Womans University station.

This is the entrance to the Ewha Womans University.

Busy little streets filled with shop!

The iconic pink heel~

Look at all these pretty skirts!!!!  Too bad they are free butt is big to fit them....

I only shop there for a little over an hour and left as it was way too hot for me. I felt line I was fainting. It was over 30 degrees!!!!  With no air conditioning!  Seoul is too eco friendly....I headed back to the hotel, rested a little and went outside to shop. Good thing about staying in Myeongdong is that once you step out of your hotel, shops are right in front of you. I got 4 makeup pencils from Étude House. It's from their Play 101 collection. Got 3 pencils for eyeshadow and 1 for concealer. 

Went back to my hotel to drop off the things from Étude House and headed to Gwangjang Market. Gwangjang Market is a traditional market with lots of food!  They also sell some households stuff and fabric.

I mainly just wanted to see what it's like there.

I ate a pancake there. I have no idea what's the filling in the pancake. I just know it's spicy. Love how authentic the place is.

After breezing through Gwangjang Market, my friends and I went to the Han River to enjoy the night view and chat on a picnic mat. There were lots of people there!  They ordered fried chicken delivery. I am surprised how the delivery guy were able to locate the person who ordered the chicken.

Ended the night with clubbing in Gangnam where the rich and pretty are.  Well, I am not sure if people there were rich but they were prettier than clubs in Hongdae. We planned to go to Answer and a friend said it's the best. We ended up in Octagon due to some complication with the taxi driver and hotel staff. The entrance fee to Octagon was 30,000 won and it includes a free drink under 10,000 won. My friend said Octagon is old and no fun. However, compared to Hongdae, I think it's already a hundred times better. I wish I went to Answer to check out the place though.

Anyways, I guess the best way to get to Club Octagon is to taxi from Gangnam Station.  Tell the taxi driver to take you to New Hilltop Hotel.

명동함흥면옥 (咸興麵屋) at point JEwha Woman's University at poin K
Gwangjang Market at point L
Picnic near Han River at point M
Club Octagon at poin N

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