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    Étude House Play 101 Pencil #5, 8, 44, 47 Review

    I am absolutely loving these pencils! These are multipurpose pencils that you can use ok your eyes, face or lips depending on the color and number. 

    #5 is a glitter pencil that I would use for lining my under eye and inner corner. 

    #8 is a concealer 

    #44 and #47 can be a liner or an eye shadow. 

    These are very water proof. It takes a lot of effort to wash off with my Bioderma makeup remover. It's better to use oil cleanser. 

    I like how there is a sharpener at the end of the pencil. 

    Here is the swatch. 
    From left to right: 5, 8, 44, 47.  They are so pigmented!!!  You can brush it out for a soft finish, but need to do it quick before it sets.

    These are 6,000 won each. I got these for 5,400 won while I was in Seoul. They were doing a 10% discount. Lucky me!  I wish I had gotten other colors from the collection!



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