Day 2 Seoul Korea

Breakfast at Myeongdong Kyoja --> Seoul Station Lotte Mart --> Sheep Cafe --> Trick Eye and Ice Museum --> Dinner --> Club Day @ Hongdae

We woke up around 10:30am and went out for a late breakfast. We went to Myeongdong Kyoja!  This place is always filled with people. They only sell 4 things. We ordered three of them. The 4th item didn't look too good and we can't finish a 4th dish anyways.. These 3 dishes were enough to fill our stomach.  You can find their website here:

This is Bibimguksu
It's chewy cold noodle in spicy sauce.  Not very spicy.  Quite mild.  Love chewy noodle.

Not spicy noodle with something like a wonton in a thick chicken broth.  It's OK, not something I would highly recommend.

This seems to be the dish that everyone must order.  I like it.  Actually I like all kinds of dumpling~

The total of the 3 dishes came to 24,000 won~ Not bad.

We had some stuff to do at Seoul Station so we headed there after breakfast and found that there is a Lotte Mart there. It's like Costco. They sell lots of stuff. I didn't buy anything there though as I didn't want to drag the stuff around through out the day.

The place is huge with multiple floors.

Look at all those Market O brownies on the shelf~

They seem to love fried chicken alot!  I see lots of places selling fried chicken and now here in the super market as well.

Then we went to Hongdae for a special cafe. Cats cafe or dogs cafe are out.  Why go to those boring cats and dogs cafe when you can go to a SHEEP CAFE!  That's right! It's Sheep Cafe!!!!!  This cafe in Hongdae call Thanks Nature Cafe has sheeps in their shop and a few hours a day the sheeps would come out for a walk and you can feed them.  The cafe also makes delicious looking waffles as well!  Love this idea! Love sheeps!

This place is in the basement, but it's quite easy to find.

Look at the cute little sheep!

So this is what the place looks like.  There are indoor seatings as well.

It's my second time in Seoul, but I've actually never been to the Trick Eye museum.  So, this time we came to check out the place!  There are many shops along the way to the Trick Eye museum.  If you are a shopaholic, make sure you give yourself more time to walk to the Trick Eye as you are bound to be stopped by many shops along the way.

There are lots of paintings for you to take pictures with. We had a lot of fun there.

There is a Ice Museum inside Trick Eye. It's super cold inside. I went in for about 2 minutes and was shivering so much that I was unable to take a proper picture.

We then went to have fried chicken and beer!  We are all in love with "You Who Came from the Star" Korean drama. So, we just had to eat fried chicken and drink cold beer like the main actress in the drama.

It's the last Friday of the month.  What does this means?  It's means it's Club Day in Hongdae.  On Club Day, with one cover fee, you will be able to get into over a dozen of clubs in Hongdae.  It cost 20,000 won.  Hongdae is known to be a club area with lots of university students.  Afterall, it where the universities are anyways.  So after knowing it's going to be Club Day during my stay in Seoul, I was pretty excited in going. However, once I got to the Hongdae area, I was pretty disappointed. It's not really the crowd or atmosphere I was expecting. Just my personal preference that Hongdae is not what I like.  So, I didn't get the Club Day pass. I did get into a club for free and I left after 5 minutes. Actually maybe that wasn't a club. Maybe that was a bar. It's Inssum. Just went in for a look since it was free anyways. We ended up meeting a friend and sat down at a bar to chat.

So, this is the inside of Inssum.  It's not the glamorous pretty things you may expect.  The crowd seem to be having fun.

Myeongdong Kyoja at point D
Lotte Mart at point E
Thanks Nature Cafe at point F
Trick Eye Museum at point G
노랑통닭 Fried Chicken at point H
Insumm Lounge Club at point I

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  1. So many fantastic places, it sure looks that you had a lot of fun. Those pictures with the noodles made me droll on my keyboard :)

    1. Seoul really is a lot of fun.
      definitely a place I will return to again and again



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