Day 5 Seoul

Check out from Hotel --> Breakfast at Myeondong Tofu --> Last minute shopping --> Late Lunch at School Food --> Bus to airport

We got up early for breakfast. We went for tofu hotpot at Myeongdong Tofu! I love tofu hotpot!  Can't believe I only had it once during my stay in Seoul.

Pots full of kimchi! The eggs are for you to crack into the hotpot~

Seafood pancake! So much better than the ones in Hong Kong~

Beef tofu hotpot~ I like this the most!

Seafood hotpot~ It's good

Then we went to a supermarket to load up on snacks for souvenir. Then back to our hotel to pack up and check out. It's important to not lose your card key, they would actually charge you for lost key. This is something new to me. I always lose the card key and the hotel would always replace it for free. But Hotel J Hill will charge you for it. We lost 2 keys on our 2nd day. We asked them for 2 new keys and they said they would charge us but we begged them and they let it go for once. My friends were the one negotiating with the staffs, so I don't know how they managed to make the staff drop the charge.  I am proud of my friends for whatever they did to save the 20,000 won that we would have to pay. 

We then went out to shop some more. I went to Forever 21 and was there for an hour and a half. I can't believe how good the stuff were in Forever 21. It's even better than the one in New York. I love A LOT of the stuff they have in store. I wanted to buy everything! But I didn't have any cash left. I brought 800,000 won with me to Seoul and I ended up spending all of it. So, I didn't buy much at Forever 21. I needed to start swiping my credit card. Totally not what I wanted to do as it would be hard to keep track of how much I spent.

We then had a late lunch at School food.  There is a School Food in Hong Kong, but the place is constantly packed with people.  Can't believe the first time I try it, it would be in Seoul. I guess it's a fusion food between Western and Korean?

Assorted seaweed rolls.

Rice cake in creamy spicy sauce.

Rice noodle spring roll.


We then headed to the airport!  Took the 6015 bus in front of the KEB bank. 10,000 won. That's the last bill in my wallet.

This is what's left of my 800,000 won that I brought to Korea with me.

Myeongdong Tofu at point R
Forever 21 at point S
School Food at ponit T
6015 bus stop at point U

I feel like I didn't buy much. I don't understand how I can spend all my cash. But when I list out my spending one by one, it all adds up. I think I just lost the concept of money when the numbers are so big. I mean a meal cost me at least 8000 won. So, I don't know what's expensive and what's not anymore. Good that I try to use cash only. If I started swiping my credit card from day 1, I would faint when I receive my statement at the end of the month.

These are about 90% of the things I bought in Seoul Korea.  The other 10% I have washed or packed away.

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