6 Days 5 Nights in Seoul: Day 2

Visiting Amsa Composite Market
Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site (암사동 선사주거지)
Toys Destrict Dongdaemun
Halloween in Hongdae
Guilty late night dinner at Onion Chicken in Hongdae
Milkcow Honey Chip soft serve in Hongdae

We started the day by searching for breakfast at a cheap price.  Saw a sign saying 6000 won for a lunch set (we woke up pretty late).    The name is all in Korean.  So, I have no idea what it's called.  I just know it's yummy~

I've been to Seoul twice within 2 years.  I still have some skincare stock that I purchase from my last visits.  So, this time, we decided to minimize shopping and go sight seeing instead.  We took the train to Amsa Station.  Finally, we were away from where all the Chinese / tourists are.  There were a lot less people and we can finally walk without being pushed around.  We took exit 1 at Amsa Station and found the Amsa Composite Market nearby.  It carries all sorts of items at the market.  We of course had to eat something there and we got a big bag of black currents that tasted like candies for just 5000 won.  There were so many other yummy looking fruits but we only have 1 stomach each, so we had to refrain ourselves from over buying.

We then headed to the Amsa Dong Prehistoric Settlement!  A really nice park with houses/hut made from straw and sticks~

I am glad I went to Seoul in Fall.  Look at these absolutely beautiful colors.  It's not as pretty in pictures, they look a hundred times more amazing in real life.

So, here are the little houses.

There is also a museum in the park talking about the history of these prehistoric people in Korea.

We aren't into history very much, so we started fooling around.  Here is Cho trying to plank, but it's too hard to be on her stomach.  So she lay on her back instead.  There were NO ONE there other than us, which I just love.  

Here is Cho trying to blend in with the statues in the park.

We headed back to the Amsa Composite Market afterward to get some food~  Chicken nuggets/popcorn in a cup.  Delicious!  Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.

Rice cake!

Yummy dumplings for just 2900 won!  I's from the place with the banner below.  Again, I can' read the name of the place.

We then headed to Dongdaemun in search of the toy street. We got hungry...AGAIN and decided to grab a sandwiches when we came across this juice/sandwich shop.  I don't how the Koreans do it, but their sandwiches are soooooooooooooooooo good.   It may not look like much, but trust me, it's good!  It seems almost any sandwich shops can make yummy sandwiches.

Finally arrived at the toy street.  It was already around 6 or 7pm.  Most of the shops here were closed.

There's a Hello Kitty store for those Kitty fans out there.  I forgot to take a pic inside, but it was just filled with Hello Kitty related stuff.

It's Halloween that day.  Cho and I dressed up as Maleficent~  We headed to Hongdae in our "costume" for a late night dinner.  We can't say it's a costume it's really just a black dress with Maleficent horns.  We had to tone down our costumes as it seems Koreans aren't too crazy about dressing up on Halloween.  We didn't want to stand out too much. We wanted to visit a club or a bar at first, but Cho got sick and started puking.  We decided maybe clubbing wasn't a good idea that night.

We had friend chicken at Onion Chicken in Hongdae!

For desserts, we got the soft serve ice cream with honey chip at Milkcow.  It's located just a few steps from Hongik University exit 9.  Yes, I mentioned Cho puke and got sick, but she still insisted on ice cream and fried chicken.  I can just say she is crazy.

A little video of part of the things I did:

Amsa Composite market at point Y
Amsadong Prehistoric Dwelling Site at point Z
Dongdaemun Toy Street at point a
Onion Chicken at point b
Milkcow ice cream at point c

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