6 Days 5 Nights in Seoul: Day 6

BBQ Buffet in Hongdae for breakfast! (That's just crazy)
Visiting Changdeokgung
Spending our tax refund on Korean food at the airport~

It's our last day in Seoul, so how can we not have one more Korean BBQ?  We found this Meat-ing place in Hongdae that's all you can eat!  You can get here by Hongdae station, exit 9. Turn left, walk past the Dunkin’ Donut, turn right, walk straight. It's just 11,500 won per person!!!!  Why is BBQ in Korea so cheap?  Why is it so expensive in Hong Kong even when the quality of the food is so bad?  That is so unfair.  

So, here are the rules of eating here.  Left overs will cost you 2,000 won per person and eating time is 1.5 hour.  Fair enough.  

There is a salad bar with lots of fresh veggie and pasta salad.  However, us being our Chinese self, we go for the meat mainly.  Ashamed of ourselves.  There were other Koreans in the restaurants and their meat take up about 30% of their table, while our meat takes up 90%.  The meat were all frozen ones, but still, they were already way better than the crap we get in Hong Kong.  Of course, there are some good Korean BBQ in Hong Kong, but the price would be at least 3 or 4 folds of what we are paying here.

This is us fully utilizing the grill~

Mouth watering!

We then headed straight to Changdeokgung at Anguk Station exit 3.  Just walk straight for about 5 minutes and you will be there.  Tickets are 3000 won per person.

We spent about 1 hour here.  I think this is a nice place to visit and take pictures even if you aren't into history.  Cho was totally bored out and wanted to leave after 5 minutes though.  Annoying brat.

We then headed back to Hongdae for our last minute shopping.  We managed to spend ALL our won here.  We didn't even have anything left to take the train ride to the airport.  We had to exchange more HKD cash to Korean won to take the train.  At the last shop we bought things at, we wanted to get a dress for 20,000 won.  We dug through all our pockets to find 19,000 in total.  We looked at the staff at the shop and begged him to give us a discount.  He looked at us not knowing to laugh or to be angry and gave us a 1,000 won discount since we have no more cash.

It was already around 5pm and we needed to head back to our temporary home to pack everything and head to the airport.  The last couple times I went to Seoul, I took the bus to get from the airport to the city.  Those bus ticket cost 10,000 won.  This time I live in Hongdae and there is a airport train that stops at Hongik University Station and it's only 4,500 won.  Makes me want to live in Hongdae again the next time I visit Seoul.  Hongdae has everything we need.  There are lots of clubs and bars, clothing shops for guys sand girls, restaurants that never close and it's conveniently connected to the airport train.

Remember to get your tax refund at the airport as you can get quite a lot from it.  We didn't really buy much but we already got 26,500 won of tax refund~  We spend 25,000 won of our tax refund on our last Korean meal at the airport~

Changdeokgung at point n
Shopping in Hongdae at point o
Incheon International Airport at point p
Meat-ing All You Can Eat Korean BBQ at point q

These are 90% the things I bought or got for free in Seoul this time.  Those sample skincare/makeup and paper masks were all free.  We got them from just walking into their shops.  

Our entire trip, accommodation, plane ticket, food, transportation, sightseeing and shopping add up to about $1000 USD.  Not bad for all the things we did and bought, right?

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  1. You bought and got a lot of things and samples indeed. Here in our country are just a few places where you get samples if you buy something! :(

    1. same goes for Hong Kong as well. We don't get much samples here. It seems it's a Korean thing to be giving out so much samples.


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