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    Giraffe Nail Wraps MDS1021

    Giraffe Nail Wraps

    What's your favorite animal?  For me, there are a few that I love.  I love elephants, tigers, fox....and GIRAFFES!  They are just so cute with their super long necks.  Love their color and print.

    This time, I am using a nail wrap so my nails can have a little rest from the chemicals in nail polishes.

    Giraffe Nail Wraps

    There are 3 types of giraffes in a pack as you can see.  Each pack comes with 16 strips of 8 different sizes.  Which giraffe is your favorite?

    Giraffe Nail Wraps

    You can get these here:

    Unlike some cheap so call nail wraps that's just paper and will wrinkle and shrivel after you apply a clear top coat, these will soften and mold to the shape of your nails after you apply a clear top coat over it.

    Giraffe Nail Wraps

    Out of the 3, my favorite is the one on my right hand's ring finger.

    Giraffe Nail Wraps



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