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    Christmas Nail Art

    Christmas Nail Art

    Have you been planning out the perfect outfit you are going to wear for the Christmas party?  Are you trying to stand out from the crowd and get compliments from your annoying relatives through out the night?  Or just want to be on the safe side and not stand out too much?  Either way, you can still do a Christmas theme manicure to go with the festive day.

    This is a manicure has a little Christmas tree and a little present on it, if you haven't figure out what's on the index and middle finger.

    Here are the polishes I used from left to right:
    Étude House - Easy Peel Base Coat
    Essie - 579 Catwalk
    ME - 5187 Edgy Green
    Sally Hensen - Glass Slipper
    Seche Vite - Fast Dry Top Coat

    For the Christmas tree, I stamped it on with the XL image plate B.  This is the image I used.

    For the ring finger, I used a nail foil.  I repeatedly pressed on the foil to my nail to create a scatter and flaky nail foil effect.

    Christmas Nail Art

    Just add some glitter and bow deco if you have any and you are done.

    Christmas Nail Art

    Christmas Nail Art

    What's your plan for Christmas?  For me, I will be flying to Seoul....again.  I am crazy.  The next time I travel in 2015, it has to be somewhere else other than Seoul.  I will be spending more than 20 days in Seoul through out the year 2014.  My friend asked me, "Are you Korean?  Are you going back to visit your home town?  Why do you go there so often?"  I am of course not Korean, but I just love the city so much.  I like Korean food! I like the atmosphere!  But then, I will go somewhere else next time....



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