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    The toughest part of each working day is not not thinking about how to meet deadline or target.  The toughest part of the day is deciding on what to eat for lunch!

    Any working class here with the same problem as me?  Lucky me, there is a kebab place near by.  I think this TavaQuick just recently opened.  Finally there is another choice for kebab other than Ebeneezer.  I like this place as it covers ground floor and the first floor.  Quite spacious.  The best thing is, IT'S NOT CROWDED! I could actually get a seat during the busy lunch hour.

    Anyways, I bought take out today.  I got a chicken kebab.  I love how they have lots of veggies and sauce!  Yummy!  I think it feels less greasy than Ebeneezer too.  Anyways, I love Ebeneezer too, but it is nice to have something different from time to time.

    This chicken wrap/kebab/roll cost me HKD$55.

    Address: G/F-U/F, 31 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
    TavaQuick at point a in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.



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