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    Sandy Snow and Snowflake Nail Art

    Sandy Snow and Snowflake Nail Art

    Here is another snowy nail art. It's super quick and simple. Absolutely no skill required. 

    Polishes I used from left to right:
    Étude House Easy Peel Base Coat
    Étude House Play - S - #224
    Seche Vite - Fast Dry Top Coat

    I am running low on my easy peel base coat. Got to get a new one soon. I like using my easy peel base coat when I am using glitter or texture polishes. It makes cleaning my nails so much easier afterward. However, with this base coat, your nail art design will fall off after a day or two. If you are lucky, it can last for about 4 days. This is another reason I use it. I constantly want a new look. So I want to make sure I can minimize the hassle of cleaning my nails. 

    Sandy Snow and Snowflake Nail Art

    I didn't apply top coat to the entire nail. I only used it to stick the deco on. I want to keep the texture of the background. It's like magical rainbow snow.

    Sandy Snow and Snowflake Nail Art



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