3CE #10 Mojito Eyeliner Swatch and Review

A while back, I got some color eyeliners.  One of them is this 3CE minty green one.  It's their #10 Mojito.

There was a time when people in Hong Kong were a little crazy about 3CE.  Basically, people are crazy about anything that's from Korea.  This is a Korean Brand.  One thing I like about this brand is their really pigmented and bright make up.  Downside is I feel their products are very dry.

Anyways, when I went to Korea, I realized the local Koreans probably don't even wear this brand.  There are a only a few 3CE stores there and the only people shopping inside are mainlanders and Hongers.  The local Koreans probably know better than to put this on their face, which makes me worry what's actually in the product.

The only reason I bought this liner is because of the color.  Not very often that I see such opaque pastel mint green liner.  I love this color on my nails and I decided to put it on my eyes as well.

The color is very creamy looking and opaque.  However, is it soft?  No.  It's not totally hard, but not soft enough for a smooth glide on feel.  It's for your eyes after all.  I like really really soft eyeliners so it won't tug and pull when I put it on.  For this 3CE liner, I have to layer it a few times on my eyes to get this opacity because the pencil isn't soft enough.  This liner is super water proof and oil proof.  You need patience when removing it.  I use cleansing oil and it takes time to get it off.

I love the color, but I definitely won't buy anymore eyeliner product from this brand.  It's the pencil is too hard glide on.  I think Holika Holika's eyeliner pencils are way softer.  Too bad they don't carry this color.  

Is there another brand with this color but is much softer so that it won't hurt your eyes when you try to draw on your eye line?

3CE #10 Mojito Eyeliner Swatch and Review 3CE #10 Mojito Eyeliner Swatch and Review Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Saturday, February 07, 2015 Rating: 5

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