Taipo Complex @ Hong Kong

This is my typical breakfast on weekends.

90% of the time, I would have breakfast with my family on the weekends.  It's a tradition that's hard to break.  But of course, there are exceptions like if I partied to hard the night before then I would skip breakfast the next day~

My parents, actually my father, a very traditional guy likes having his congee for breakfast, and it's always the SAME congee.  We always have our congee breakfast at the Taipo Market Complex.  It's a really stinky place where the ground floor is a wet market selling fish and meat.  The first floor is a semi-wet market with fruits and veggies and other random stuff.  The 2nd floor is the cooked food section.  There has to be over 20 different little stalls selling different Chinese food there.  However, we go to the same one week after week.  

I am not much of a congee person.  So, I just order a bowl of noodle with 3 toppings of my choice.  They service the largest bowl of noodle ever!  I tell them each week to cut down the noodle portion to half, but they usually just ignores me.  I am trying to cut down your cost here but asking you to give me smaller portion even for charging the same price...why won't you give me less noodle?  1 bowl of noodle is enough to feed 2.

Then of course the place serves congee and my dad's favorite is fish and pork's blood congee. He eats the same thing every week and he doesn't get tired of it at all.

Mom likes eating different things from time to time.  Here she is having mixed pork guts congee~  Sounds disgusting?  Well, it sounds better in Chinese.  

Here is a pork liver swimming in the congee and there's a small intestine on the top right side~

Rice roll with a deep fried Chinese pastry.  Yummy!  Usually served with soy sauce, but I like it plain.

Rice roll with dried shrimp.

Right next to the congee shop, there is a shop that sells deep fried tofu fishballs.  I just remain sitting on the same table, yell out to the shop next door and they will serve me my fishball without having me move to another table :D

This is like USD$18 and enough to feed 3 people~  I think it's one of the reasons we eat here every week.

Address: 2/F, Tai Po Market Complex, Heung Sze Wui Street, Tai Po

Tai Po Market Complex at point c in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

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  1. Chinese food is always so interesting. Sometimes I would love it to eat it daily! But I have to say that I never heard about the ones you mentioned :)

    1. Visit Asia and have some authentic Chinese food. However, there are some crazy Chinese food that even I can't take. eg. bugs....ewwwwwwwwww


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