Red Penny - Thai Viet Chisine Bar @ Hong Kong

Came to this really remote place for some Thai food.  I have no idea how anyone can get here without driving.  It's really in the middle of no where.  Although it's away from the trendy city, the place is nice decorated.  You can sit outside with the elephant fountain under the outdoor garden tent.  However, no matter how pretty the outside scenery and weather is, I don't recommend sitting outside, especially if you are the type that easily attracts mosquitoes.  

It's in the middle of nowhere! There aren't much humans, cars and suffocating carbon dioxide around.  It's like a paradise for bugs and mosquitoes.  I won't risk any chances, so I insisted on sitting indoor.  Cho, did went out to walk around for about 1 minute and came back with a mosquito bite on her hand.  So, don't risk it.

We ordered a Tom Yum Goong soup.  I love how they added a lot of spices and herbs.  It's so flavorful.  It is't too spicy too, which is good.

Green curry with beef. Yummy!  Tender beef slices with creamy green curry. 

Yellow curry with pork.  I like how their curries aren't too spicy either.

Then there's the garlic bread to dip away in the curry~

Love this onion bread.  It's great on it's own or with the curry.

We also ordered a soft shell crab roll.  Very fresh and delicious.  I hate it when the rice paper is too tough to bite into, forcing me to tug and pull and end up have the roll fall apart and scatter all over the table.  The rice paper on the roll is just right.  

Fried tofu~  

Pattaya noodle.  Who doesn't love pattaya noodle?  It's not oily or soggy here with the right chewiness to the noodle.  Yummy!

here is what the outside looks like.

Definitely will be coming back again.  I only recommend coming here during fall and winter when the bugs aren't so vicious.

Address: G/F, 147 Kan Sheung Road, Yuen Long

Red Penny at point d in the list of "Places Part 1" on the map.

Red Penny - Thai Viet Chisine Bar @ Hong Kong Red Penny - Thai Viet Chisine Bar @ Hong Kong Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. The outside of the restaurant and the food looks great. It is a pity that it is fool with mosquito's! It was a good choice to stay inside!

    1. yup too bad~ can't enjoy the fresh air outside.


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