Ho Chicken Lounge - Sinchon, Seoul

Ho Chicken Lounge - Sinchon, Seoul

I have been eating a lot of fried chicken while I was in Seoul.  Ho Chicken was one of them.  We passed by this place at night a few times and always saw it packed with people.  It has to be good, right?  If not, at least it wouldn't be bad when there are always so many people.  This place is between Hongik University Station and Sinchon station.  As I was living near Hongik University Station exit 3, it was only about 10 minute walk from where we lived.  It was one of the coldest nights while we were in Seoul, so that 10 minutes felt like forever!  As the wind blew on my face while we walk, it felt like knives carving on my face.  

Finally we were there!  Greeting with a warm cozy environment.  The TV was playing some k pop show while the speakers in the shop was playing entirely different songs.  I don't know why they won't just let the speakers play what the TV was playing.

Ho Chicken Lounge - Sinchon, Seoul

We wanted to order the half/half chicken and the green onion chicken, but the staff told us that the green onion is super spicy and usually foreigners don't like it or are not able to eat it at all.  So, we went with salad chicken.  Add 1,000 won for cheese and if you buy take out, you get 2,000 discount!

Ho Chicken Lounge - Sinchon, Seoul

For the price given, I expected a small portion.  Obviously, I was still having the Hong Kong pricing in mind.  That's why we made 2 orders of chicken.  BIG MISTAKE.  Their portions are huge.  1 order would have been enough for 3 or 4 people.

They told me this is soy sauce chicken, but it's spicy...did they give me the wrong order?  They said it wasn't supposed to be spicy.  But then, Korean has a different definition on what's spicy and what's not.  It was a mild spiciness which I can handle.  Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  Love the spicy sweet sauce covering the chicken!  

Ho Chicken Lounge - Sinchon, Seoul

This is the original chicken.  As much as I like the chicken with the sauce, I love the original one as well.  Really soft on the inside. I hate dried up chicken.  I had fried chicken at Chir Chir Chicken, which is another fried chicken joint in Seoul and their chicken was dried like cardboard.  Won't ever go there again. 

Ho Chicken Lounge - Sinchon, Seoul

It seems the salad chicken is really just the original with salad on top.  We ended up asking them for loads of salad dressing to make the chicken taste different.  We should have just ordered the half/half chicken which already has the original chicken in it!  Angry!  

Ho Chicken Lounge - Sinchon, Seoul

We weren't able to finish the chicken, of course.  Had to pack it to go and ate it for breakfast the next day.  Mmmm....fried chicken for breakfast.  That sounds slightly disgusting.  I don't know how I did it.

Ho Chicken at point C in "Places Part 2".

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  1. Sorry about the dry chicken, though the food looks great in the picture!

  2. Wow all the food look delicious


    1. love korean food! tho fried chicken isn't all too korean.......


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