La Vache! @ Central, Hong Kong

La Vache! @ Central, Hong Kong

Have heard about this place quite a while ago but never had to chance to come try until now. La Vache serves only 1 dish. A steak with unlimited fries. Yes, unlimited fries! All you can eat fries! Actually I can't say they only serve steaks because they do have some choices for desserts, which I basically have no interest in.

I ordered my steak to be medium rare. The steak came out right an they slice it up for you. Actually, I don't like it when restaurants slice it up for me. I like it in one whole piece. Oh well, I can still live with it.   The meat was very juicy and tender.  It came with their special sauce.  Very rich and buttery.  I love it.  The meat itself wasn't top grade, but then for that price, you can't ask for too much.  There wasn't a whole lot of beefy taste.  However, with this price, I think it's good enough.  I really like how soft and juicy it was.

The place is underground, so expect zero phone signal when you are dining there.  In a way, it's good as you won't be distracted with calls and messages during dinner.  I hate it when people are on the phone while dining with me.  It's less annoying when it's a group dinner and only 1 or 2 people are on their phone.  However, when dining with a small group of people, it just seem very rude to be on your phone.

La Vache! @ Central, Hong Kong

Everything was very fast pace. You sit down and the waitress will come take your order immediately.  They always have a long line waiting so they have to make sure you finish and get out asap.  This is like a fast food place.  Also because you don't need a menu to order here.  They serve only 1 thing.  The only thing you get to choose is how you want to steak to be cooked.

So, after the 30 seconds order taking, they served us some bread.  This bread is hard as hell.  I don't like it.  Not very tasty at all.

La Vache! @ Central, Hong Kong

Then there's the salad with walnuts.  Just a normal salad.  Nothing special here.

La Vache! @ Central, Hong Kong

Here comes the steak and the fries.  When you finish you fries, the waitress will come fill your plate with more fries without you asking.  Woohoo!  I love fries.  I think these would be better if they are fatter fries though.  It doesn't look like a very big portion, but with all the fat and oil in the juicy steak, it will fill you up quick.  I like how it's not too fatty or too oily.

La Vache! @ Central, Hong Kong

I love how they cooked my steak.  Many restaurants out there like to make my steak almost well done even when I ask for medium rare.

La Vache! @ Central, Hong Kong

I think I will come again on weekdays. They are too packed on weekends.  Just for a quick dinner when I am craving some meat.  This place is definitely not for nice comfortable gatherings with friends.  They rush you to order quick, eat quick and leave quick.

Address: G/F, 48 Peel Street, Central

La Vache! at point i in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

La Vache! @ Central, Hong Kong La Vache! @ Central, Hong Kong Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, May 17, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. The place looks quite nice and the food too!

    1. now i want some steak when i look back at pics.


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