Pa Nail Color Premier AA120 (Jelly blue glitter) Swatch

I recently went to Osaka, Japan.  Though I already have hundreds of nail polish and skincare products, I felt like it's not a real trip to Japan if I didn't get any beauty products.  I looked through the nail polish rack at Donkihote at Dotonbori and found these Pa polishes. They have so many colors! I picked out 4 and this is one of the 4 that I bought.  When I looked at the bottle, it's a deep bluish purple.  A jelly polish with lots of glitters.  I love purple, that's why I bought it.  However, when I started applying it, it seems more like a blue to me.  I am a little disappointed, but nonetheless, this is still a really gorgeous color.

It looks more purple in real life.  But anyways, you can see how loaded with glitters it is.  Love super loaded polishes, as it would be easier to get the glitter on your nails.

The brush is small, but then the bottle is tiny, so it's impossible to get a super thick brush in it.

Here are the polishes I used from left to right:
Sally Hansen Triple Strong Strengthener
The Saem Ardent Lady AJ07
Sparitual Crystal Eyes 80387
Pa Nail Color Premier AA120
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

I first painted 2 coats of the base color.

Then I painted the jelly color on my thumb and ring finger.  Added some dots with a dotting tool too.

I thought the jelly color would look nice with a base color.  Turns out it's not so good, but I still like how I was able to pick up a lot of glitter.  I think it would look better on it's own.  I will do another swatch in the future with just the Pa Nail Color Premier AA120 on its own.

Here is a close up on the thumb.  You can see how much glitter I was able to get on my nails.  Love their formula.

Pa Nail Color Premier AA120 (Jelly blue glitter) Swatch Pa Nail Color Premier AA120 (Jelly blue glitter) Swatch Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Saturday, May 02, 2015 Rating: 5

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