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I have been using circle lenses for a few years now.  Not that I need much vision correction.  I can see fine without glasses for daily life.  I just need glasses if I go to school or something as I won't be able to read the blackboard even when I am sitting on the first row, not that I go to school anymore.  Circle lenses for me is mainly for cosmetic reasons.  I find that my eyes are pretty small.  I don't like how there are so much white part showing on my eyes, especially underneath my iris.  So, I wear circle lenses to cover it up~  Envy people who has naturally large iris or iris that cover the bottom part of the eye white.

Here are some of the circle lenses I have worn.  These are all daily circle lenses.  I just think it's not very hygienic other wise.  This post will continually be updated as I find other contact lenses to try.  This post is really just a note for myself of which ones to buy and which ones not to buy again in the future~

I don't realize how small my irises are until I saw a side to side comparison.

Eye Coffret 1 Day UV Rich Make
BC 8.7, DIA 14.0
I like how it has some detailed designs on it, but you can't see it when it's on your eyes.
Not very big, but good enough to show a big different on me as my irises are pretty small.

Eye Coffret 1 Day UV Base Make
BC 8.7, DIA 14.0
You really can't see much design on your eyes.  I like the rich make a little more though. The Rich Make seems a little less boring.  These are comfortable but plain.

Freshkon Colors Fusion 1-Day - Blushing Violet
BC 8.5, DIA 14.2
I don't know why they are called violet when it just look grey to me.  Does it look grey to anyone else?  Not very natural, but it's better when seen from afar.  I have a hard time putting these on.  They just won't stick to my eyeballs.  They also dry out my eyes in about 4 or 5 hours.  I won't be getting these again.  They just don't work for my eyes.

Delight Max 3 One Day - Rose Purple
BC 8.5, DIA 14.2
I used the older version of Delight Max before and they weren't very comfortable.  So, I was surprised when I could barely feel anything on my eyes when I tried these out.  I was worried that I would have a hard time putting them on as they also has a BC of 8.5 like the Freshkon Colors Fusions, of which I have trouble putting and staying hydrated with.

Delight Max 3 One Day - Silver Gray
BC 8.5, DIA 14.2
When I first looked at the lens, I was worried that the color is too light and I would look like someone in a low budget vampire movie.  However, when I put it in my eyes, they don't look that light and I like the pattern way better than the Freshkon Colors Fusion 1 Day.  Not to mention, these are a lot more comfortable than the older versions of Delight Max and Freshkon. Love these.

Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Daily - Frozen Grey
BC8.6 DIA14.0
Lacelle has always been my favorite lenses since they came out.  Very comfortable.  The colors are natural enough for me.  Cho hates these as she says she looks weird and unnatural.  I really don't understand why as she looks very different from me when she wears these even when we have the same eye color.  I can wear these all day long without having my eyes being dry or tingly.  I used to love this color (I still do), but now I can't decide whether the grey in Delight Max 3 is better or this Lacelle Frozen Grey is better.  They both look pretty, I think.


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