Meat Shopping at 玉出 Tamade Supermarket

We thought it would be a short walk to walk from Dotonbori to Nishinagahori Station where our apartment was.  BIG MISTAKE!  It took forever.  It was a harsh walk as I didn't sleep much the night before and I was already walking for the whole day.  However, also because I walking back that I came across this supermarket that was close to where we were living.  It's Tamade Supermaket. The supermarket has this super bright neon lights all over that caught our eyes and we just had to go in to check out what's there to buy.

Things were pretty cheap inside.  Found this huge fish...I think it's a tuna?  See the size of my hand?

The fish was only 2800yen! OMG! I don't know if it's for sashimi or what.  I assume it is to be cooked? But still, 2800 yen is quite cheap for a fish this big.

There's the meat section. With lots of yummy looking beef!

There's the fish section.  When directly translated to Chinese, it means live fish.  But they looks pretty dead to me.

Lots of cheap drinks which we loaded up to store away in our fridge!

I really wanted to get some beef and see what it taste like, hoping it would taste something like the buttery beef I had while I was at Majang Market in Seoul.  So, I got 2 packs of beef.

A good thing about booking through airbnb is that you can find a home that has a kitchen.  Here is where our little kitchen came in handy!

We bought some curry rice to go with the beef.  The beef was super juicy and fatty.  Yummy.  I added too much salt though.  So, I kind of ruined it. It isn't as good as the beef I had in Majang Market.  Well, the price difference is pretty big between the too.  These were pretty cheap.  I think they were pretty good.  They tasted better when I ate it with some pickled veggie.  It was like I was having Korean BBQ here.

Here is a picture of the supermarket in day light that I screen cap from google map.

Addres: 〒550-0015 大阪府大阪市西区南堀江2丁目9-28
This is point X in the map below.

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