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    雲桂香米線專門店 My Fave Noodle Place - Mongkok, Hong Kong

    This place doesn't even have an English name.  It's a chain store that I feel don't have enough shops around in Hong Kong.  I need them to have 2 or 3 shops in each area in Hong Kong, so I can have noodle anytime I want.  I come to this place when I have to dine alone.  I don't feel comfortable to eat a lone in a regular nice restaurant.  It just feels super lonely and sad to be eating alone.  So, when I have to eat a lone, I usually pick a place where I can get my food quickly and where the place is bustling.  Or at least where there are people coming in and out and where they talk freely, so I won't feel the extra loneliness in a nice quiet restaurant.

    I love their Chongqing sour and spicy noodle.  I can't really eat spicy stuff, but I love the taste of it.  So, I always ask for super mild. It's basically the only thing I order when I am there.  I also always add a side of their tender pork soft bone.  Goes perfectly with the noodle.  

    Some hate this place and some love it.  Cho hates this place.  Actually I am not sure if she hates the food here or she just hate potato starch noodle.  They serve regular rice noodle or potato starch noodle here.  I always go for the potato starch noodle.  It's this chewy, semi clear noodle that's fun to eat and only seems right when pairing with the spicy soup.  Cho claims that she would choke and die when she eats this noodle as she is lazy to chewy her food thoroughly and the chewy noodle will get stuck in her throat.

    So, for HK$30, I can have a super big bowl of noodle that I can't actually finish and not feel like a loner when I eat by myself.

    Address: 1/F, 2 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok
    雲桂香米線專門店 is at point m in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.



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