Soho Tea Room - Vancouver, Canada

My friend brought me to this bubble tea place on Cambie with spiked bubble tea!  To me, bubble tea thing is a very high school thing.  Adding alcohol to bubble tea makes it feels like it's for desperate teens that want some alcohol but are unable to get into a club or a bar.  Seems like a cool place to try out.  I wanted to see how strong the bubble tea would taste like.  You can add a single shot or a double shot depending on your choice.

My friend ordered a yogurt tea with a shot of vodka.  There is a faint taste of alcohol in it.  These drinks are huge.  The height of the glass is like the length of my forearm!  But then, half of it is ice.  Still, there's a lot!  Great value!

I ordered my favorite bubble tea drink, which is honey green milk tea with a shot of gin.  I absolutely couldn't taste any alcohol in it.  However, with my low tolerance for alcohol, I started to feel very relax after drinking half of it.  So, I guess it's a pretty good way to get a girl's guard down.  Just get her a spiked bubble tea.....I am just saying, totally not encouraging it.

Then here is the bailey coffee toast box with cream and ice cream!
It was delicious!  I poured the coffee over it before I started eating it.  Soft bread soaked with coffee and topped with ice cream and whipped cream. Yum!

There are lots of other food to choose from, but we were both pretty full.  It was just a late night snack for us as we just wanted to find a place to chill and chat.  Maybe I will come back again to see if their food is any good.  With our drinks spiked and all, the bill was CAD$25 with tax and tips.  Not bad for a boozy drinks and good to stuff our stomachs.

Address: 3466 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Soho Tea Room is at point w listed in "Places Part 1" on the map.


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