Halloween Nail Art Image Plate HD01

I am very disappointed in myself and in perhaps Cho.  I want to cry after doing this manicure.  It's ugly messy and boring looking.  I got this image plate last year and now finally I have a chance to use it.  I went to get my white stamping nail polish from Konad and found that someone or somehow liquefied it.  I asked if Cho did it as she has many times persuade me in pouring other white polishes into it.  It's an annoying thing that she likes doing.  She kept denying that she didn't, but who else would do it?  The white is so fucking liquidy that I can't stamp properly.  I have no more mood to do this manicure and just carelessly get an image on each of my nail.  

I think the image plate is great and stamps well.  But I can't use it well without my good white Konad stamping polish for the ghost...T__T

I have no mood to say anymore.  Just look for yourself.

Halloween Nail Art Image Plate HD01 Halloween Nail Art Image Plate HD01 Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Friday, September 25, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. Perfect mani for Halloween. I love the most your pinky finger with the spider!


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