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    Zipline at Queen Elizabeth Part - Vancouver, Canada

    I have never went on any zipline before.  So, when I saw they have this in Queen Elizabeth Park,  I almost immediately went to get a ticket on Groupon.  It was CAD$15 on Groupon, a few dollars cheaper than if I buy the ticket at the spot.

    That's the stage/ramp for the zipline.  Not very high.  So, I was relieved.  I was scared that it would be high.  I am scared of height.

    This is the view for the zip line.  I didn't take it as I was very nervous getting myself ready for the zip line.

    There were that many people, but it still took me 30min to wait for my turn!

    The ride was about 10 seconds.  By the time I started to relax and feel comfortable with the height, the ride was already over.  If you ask me, I don't think the ride was worth CAD$15 at all.  It would be nice to try for someone who never had any zip line experience though as it isn't hardcore scary.

    Queen Elizabeth Park is at point A in the list "Places Part 2" on the map below:



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