English Bay Beach - Downtown Vancouver, Canada

People always say there aren't much to do in Vancouver.  It's true and not true at the same time.  I always find places to go for a walk.  However, none of my friends would really want to go with me.  They say it's "old people's activity".  It's just that going for a walk is not something I can do when I am in Hong Kong.  So, during my stay in Vancouver, I went to as many places as I could to walk around to enjoy the sun and fresh air.  

This time I came to English Bay.  I miss the time when I used to come here in the summer for Celebration of Lights.  Love watching fireworks on the beach.  Though I went to Vancouver in the summer, it wasn't during the time of Celebration of Light.  In fact, I left Vancouver just a few days before the fireworks!  If only I could stay in Vancouver a little longer.  

This is a great place to bathe in the sun, read a book or get some ice cream!  Relaxing!  Then afterward, I could walk back to Robson Square to go shopping!

English Bay Beach is at point W in the list "Places Part 2" in the map below:

English Bay Beach - Downtown Vancouver, Canada English Bay Beach - Downtown Vancouver, Canada Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 Rating: 5

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