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    Christmas Nail Art Nail Wraps D1027

    I can't believe Christmas is almost here. And same with every year in the past, this year has gone by even faster than the one before. 

    First the first time in a while, I didn't plan a trip during the Christmas/New Year time. That's kind of sad. I want to get out of Hong Kong for the holiday~ 

    Anyways, to celebrate the season, I am using a Christmas theme nail wrap in style D1027. There are little ornaments, presents, snowflakes and random X'mas related items only it. 

    Each pack comes with 14 strips of 7 sizes. There has to be one that fits. If not, just trim the sides. 

    You can get these here:

    As usual, I like to cut some of them in halves for French nail style. This way, I can use the pack of nail wrap twice and it also looks more interesting with some variation. 



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