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  • Sweet Revenge Patisserie - Vancouver, Canada

    It seems that I was eating nonstop while I was in Vancouver.  No wonder I gained weight.  I don't know how much I gained though.  I can just feel it.  I am too scared to see the cruel reality of how my weight has sky rocketed.

    I went to Sweet Revenge with my friend. Something to do to chill at night. We are too old to go clubbing now.  I hate to admit it that I am too old for it, but I really can't lie to myself and force myself to go again.  I rather chill with my friends at at desserts place or have a glass or wine at a lounge.

    I love how vintage the place look with all these antique looking decorations.  The place is very dim and red.

    My friend ordered the ...... I don't know what.  But it was good!  I find that the desserts at Sweet Revenge isn't as sweet as True Confections and I like that.

    For me, I got the chocolate cake of course!  This chocolate is too stiff for my taste though.  I like dense and moist chocolate cake.  However, this was just stiff and dry.

    Address: 4160 Main Street, Vancouver
    Sweet Revenge is at point g in the list "Places Part 2" on the map below:

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