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    Homei Spangle Nail BU 18W Swatch

    Went to Taipei and while shopping at ATT4Fun, I saw this brand of nail polish call Homei.  It's a Japanese brand, but it says made in Taiwan.  Their glitter collection is really pretty!  I wanted to get them all, but refrained myself from doing.  I only got three of them.  This one is super pretty.  I think the color number is BU 18W, as it's the only unique number I see on it.  There are glitters of different sizes and shape in it.  Stars, octagons, little circles in white, light yellow, pink, and blue.  Just really pretty!  It's a party in a tube.

    Look how concentrated the glitters are!

    I used a makeup sponge to sponge on the glitter.  It would be quicker and easier to get this much glittery on.



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