Day 4 - 돈수백 홍대직영점 (猪寿百 弘大直营店) - Seoul, Korea

It's early in the morning and nothing is really opened.  Found this 24 hr place call 돈수백 홍대직영점 (猪寿百 弘大直营店) in Hongdae!  Inside are people with full make up in the morning.  I wonder if they are the partiers from the night before that are sobering up.  This places reminds me of Tsui Wah in Hong Kong where people would go to after leaving the clubs at 6am. 

Anyways, the soup is hot and yummy.  A very comforting bowl of soup.  I guess it would feel great to have after a night of binge drinking.  There are some banchan.  Nothing I really like from there.  There is the green pepper thing that I am just too scared to try.

We ordered mandu!  Korean dumplings.  I love steam mandu.  Actually, my fave way to have it is probably pan fried, but steaming would be less fattening?

I love bibim naengmyeon!  Lots of ice here...can't really see the noodles itself.  Anyways, it was good.  Better than I would expect from a 24hr place.

돈수백 홍대직영점 (猪寿百 弘大直营店) Address
164-24 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

You can find 돈수백 at point O in the list "Places Part 2" on the map below:


Day 1: Arriving at Hongdae
Day 2: Rail Bike --> Lunch at 명가춘닭갈비 --> Nami Island --> Gwanjang Market --> Nail Art Shop in Miglore --> LED Rose at DDP --> BBQ Dinner
Day 3: Haneul Park --> Incheon China Town --> Jjajangmyeon at 新勝飯店  --> Incheon Fairytale Village --> Dinner at Meat-ing --> Desserts at Sulbing
Day 4: Breakfast at 돈수백 홍대직영점 (猪寿百 弘大直营店) --> Change Airbnb Room --> Majang Market --> Common Ground --> Namsan Tower --> Myeongdong --> Dinner at Chicken678 --> Desserts at Sulbing
Day 5: Persimmon Juice --> Semi Breakfast at 김선생 --> Brunch at Pizza Mall --> Shopping Hapjeong --> Gyeongbokgung --> Apugjeong Rodeo --> Dinner at Hi-Meat
Day 6: Naenmyeong at Naenmyeong Town --> Deer Feeding at Seoul Forest --> Dinner at Myth Jokbal --> Rice Ice Cream at Subok
Day 7: Teobbokki at Teobbokki Town --> Seoul Grand Zoo
Day 4 - 돈수백 홍대직영점 (猪寿百 弘大直营店) - Seoul, Korea Day 4 - 돈수백 홍대직영점 (猪寿百 弘大直营店) - Seoul, Korea Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 Rating: 5

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