Spring Time Marble Nails

I have always wanted to marble my nails, but I just couldn't bare the though of the cleanup afterwards. However Chi recently bought the Simply Peel a liquid latex solution to protect the skin around the nails and just peel off after I was done. It was great! Worked like a charm. I would seriously consider doing this more often. 

The colors used from Left to Right: Essie #752 Lion Around, Liole #30, Revlon Top Speed #320 Jaded, Ciate #063 Power Dressing, Ciate Caviar Beads - Prom Queen, My DIY mixed polish (golden yellow)

First, unlike regular water marbling, I just randomly drop dots into the water. The swirl a toothpick around until it looks something like the picture below. 

First attempt with my first 2 nails. I have learned that you really need an opaque polish to do a good job, so I had a hard time in getting Jaded to show because it would always thin out. 

I added some jewels and beads at the end to just give it that extra sparkle. Very happy with these nails. 

Here is a closer look. I love the strong contrast of the dark navy blue. 

By Cho 

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