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    Campbell Soup Andy Warhol Nail Art Image Plate hehe008

    It's cute isn't it?  But it was hard picking up the image.  I'd say the quality of this plate is bad, making it very hard to pick up the entire image.  Took me several times to get it.  But since I got the clear stamper, nothing can stop me from stamping!

    This is an Andy Warhol image plate hehe008.  Love the Campbell soup on it.  I planned on stamping the bananas, but they were impossible to pick up.  I gave up on them after trying 10 times or so.  So, the image plate comes with a blue plastic protector.

    Peel off the blue plastic and it's ready to use.

    Took me a million times o get the dollar sign and gun on.  This plate was very difficult to pick up the images.



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