Day 5 - Dinner at Hi-Meat - Hongdae, Seoul

There's nothing we love more than Korean BBQ when we are in Korea.  We came across Hi-Meat in Hongdae.  It's just a tiny bit pricier than Meat-ing which is just about 20 meters away.  There are more choices of meat than Meat-ing and the quality seems better.

That's the buffet bar where we got our meat!

Very self explanatory here.  There's soup in the middle of the grill!   

Now it's time to fill the grill with meat!!!!

Yummy yummy!

Love eating my meat with the marinated onions.

For dinner, it was 17,900 won per person.  Not bad at all!

This is what Cho accomplished for dinner.  It's scary seeing how much she ate.

Address: 140, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04050, South Korea
Hi Meat is at point Y in the list "Places Part 2" on the map below.


Day 1: Arriving at Hongdae
Day 2: Rail Bike --> Lunch at 명가춘닭갈비 --> Nami Island --> Gwanjang Market --> Nail Art Shop in Miglore --> LED Rose at DDP --> BBQ Dinner
Day 3: Haneul Park --> Incheon China Town --> Jjajangmyeon at 新勝飯店  --> Incheon Fairytale Village --> Dinner at Meat-ing --> Desserts at Sulbing
Day 4: Breakfast at 돈수백 홍대직영점 (猪寿百 弘大直营店) --> Change Airbnb Room --> Majang Market --> Common Ground --> Namsan Tower --> Myeongdong --> Dinner at Chicken678 --> Desserts at Sulbing
Day 5: Persimmon Juice --> Semi Breakfast at 김선생 --> Brunch at Pizza Mall --> Shopping Hapjeong --> Gyeongbokgung --> Apugjeong Rodeo --> Dinner at Hi-Meat
Day 6: Naenmyeong at Naenmyeong Town --> Deer Feeding at Seoul Forest --> Dinner at Myth Jokbal --> Rice Ice Cream at Subok
Day 7: Teobbokki at Teobbokki Town --> Seoul Grand Zoo
Day 5 - Dinner at Hi-Meat - Hongdae, Seoul Day 5 - Dinner at Hi-Meat - Hongdae, Seoul Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 Rating: 5

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