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    Convenient Stores Food in Japan!

    I love checking out other country's convenience stores when I am travelling.  It's no exception the time I went to Fukuoka.  Love how their convenience store have so many different ready to eat food.  Lots of different lunch boxes.  I didn't buy the lunch boxes though as I am always full.  

    I did always buy onigiri though.  Super convenient, cheap and taste good.

    Like their hot food as well.  Really tender and juicy fried chicken.  And I love croquette~

    Cho is a pudding fan.  She got herself a pudding that is almost as big as her face.  Turns out it wasn't that good though.

    More random pics of food in convenience stores.  Wish I can buy and try.

    Bought lots of sandwiches and premade tamagoyaki~  Love the fluffy sweet eggs~

    Another thing I love is the soft boiled egg.  It has a little salty taste.

    The yolk is so orange red.  It seems like all Japanese eggs are like that.  Looks true to the picture on the box~

    As for these burgers/sandwiches...they are not good.  The ones in Korea are better!

    Cho love this pancake with cream though.  Soft and fluffy.

    We went to a bakery near where we stay.  It's not from a convenient store, but I might as well just put it here.  It's super good.  It looks gorgeous like a piece of art and the taste is heavenly!

    We got some half cooked cheese cake, a regular cheese cake, a custard puff and a cake roll filled with cream.

    E'toile d' or is at point V in the list Places Part 2 on the map below:



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