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    Flight Back to HK and Random things from Japan

    Can't believe happy time always fly by so fast.  With a blink of an eye, our 6 days vacation at Fukuoka came to an end.

    We were flying on Cathay Pacific.  I hate meals on plane.  This time it's no exception.  We had the fish on rice and pasta.  Pasta was super soft~ But the flavor is still bearable.

    The salmon on rice was super fishy.  I wanted to puke again.  I was curious what it would taste like, after opening the lid, the saying "curiosity killed the cat" came to my mind.  The strong fishy smell make me sick.

    After returning to Hong Kong, we realized we didn't buy much at all~   Which is good.  I don't want my room to be flooded with stuff.

    This honey was actually from Taiwan.  We had a stop at Taiwan airport~



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