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    Day 1: 合Shabu - Taipei, Taiwan

    I love hot pot and love it even more when I get to have nice meat to go with it.  Love this place's environment.  Classy looking for a hot pot place, not like the usual run down dirty looking hot pot I see so often.

    Love how they have different dipping sauce.  My fave is the one with green union and radish.  Yummy!

    We order 2 meal set.  Each comes with appetizer, a bunch of veggie and wagyu Australian beef, and of course desserts.  I like how the waiter would help us lay out the veggie in the pot and cook it, making it all nice.  Totally photo ready.

    If I were to cook it myself, I would just dump everything in and it would look like shit.

    Appetizers.  Uni with some slimy veggie....very very slimy.  I don't know it's called.  The taste is fine, but I just can't get over the slimy snot feel.

    Smoked duck breast salad.  

    Finally, the beef came and we were ready to gobble up everything!

    Tender, juicy, beefy....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    合Shabu is at point p list in the list Places Part 1 on the map below:


    Day 1: Airbnb > Ice Monster > 合Shabu


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