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    Day 3: Tamshui Old Street - Taipei, Taiwan

    Took a long ride on the red subway line to Tamshui~  Time for some eating at the Tamshui Old Street which is practically next to the train station.

    Start of with a skewer of fried quail eggs~

    The street is lined with food!

    One of Cho's favorites.  Deep fried mushrooms~  With various kinds of mushrooms too.  Yummy.

    There are so many other types of street food.  Our stomachs just aren't big enough for more.

    No. 76-80, Gongming St,, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251

    Tamshui Old Street Marketing is at point w in the list Places Part 1 on the map below:


    Day 1: Airbnb > Ice Monster > 合Shabu


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