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    Day 3: Eating at Shilin Station - Taipei, Taiwan

    It's very weird that we were not able to find beef noodle and those crispy pancakes in Taiwan this time.  It used to e everywhere we go.  Finally just outside of Shilin Station, we finally see it~  Both the noodle and the pancake as well.  Finally, Cho get to eat what she wants.

    There are little shops around the outside of the Shilin Station.  We should have came here earlier.

    There is a shop filled with capsule toys.  There are so many little cute toys to choose from.  We got a cute little shiba inu figure from these capsule toy machine.

    Then we had some beef noodle~

    I love thick noodle.  Too bad I couldn't finish the bowl~  I had a few bite and gave the rest to Cho, which she couldn't finish as well.  Disappointed in her.

    Shilin Station is at point v in the list Places Part 1 on the map below:


    Day 1: Airbnb > Ice Monster > 合Shabu


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